OSC projects

The recent years most of the projects I build and helped design, were based upon communication through opensoundcontrol. In this part I will list all the projects related to opensoundcontrol. Ofcourse most of the core design will al be the same, namely the use of the ipsonlab or compac technology. It will take time to list and publish all projects here, but i'll do my best to maintain the content and publish the 'most asked questions' first ...

Boss Volume pedal with OSC output [posc_001] 19102010631 
Driving 96 servo's with 6 times PIC18F2420 [posc_002]  servo tafel
Ipson64. 64 x input sensor interface (OSC out) [posc_003] ipson64 1
OSC- 64 On/Off outputs (shift registers) [posc_004] 64 out 1
OSC timers (master-slave) with led display [posc_005] osc klok


Measuring the valves of a saxophone [posc_2010_4]

Audio volume control with OSC [posc_2010_5]

Sensors for cello [posc_2010_6]

Complete interlink cello controller [posc_2010_7]

Sensors on a trumpet [posc_2010_9]


Sonology VFUG generators driven with OSC [posc_2009_2]

OSC-CV board with PIC18F1220 [posc_2009_3]

Ipsoncompact design [posc_2008_1]


Detonator with ipsonlab [posc_2007_1]

Driving 32 relays with OSC [posc_2007_2]

Apple 2400 rebuild as controller [posc_2007_3]


Ipsonlab with 32 control voltage outputs for analog studio [posc_2006_1]

Neo: ipsonlab controller [posc_2006_2]

Mase: Ipsonlab controler for muzieklab [posc_2006_3]