Midi projects

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Since 1985 we already work with midi instruments at the electronic Workshop. In that time only the "Steim sensorlab" was the one interface to use to build eletronic sensor-based instruments. In 1995 we developed the Microlab. A simple and cheap 'self to build' midi interface, for students to use. From that time a lot of instruments were made. A list of examples:

Strimidilator; string information to midi
Measuring a drummer with 2 x ADXL202
Breath control with MPX10
X, Y, Z touch pad generating midi
Wireless midi send/receive setup
16 channel faderbox generating midi
Sticks with ADXL2020 generating midi
MIDI to stepmotor design
Bass recorder with sensors and special Microlab
Blue flute; air pressure to midi
Recorder finger distance measurement
Midi control for "Line" guitar effect processor
Octachord; midi driven dc-engines
Midi to voltage (MTVlab)
Midi to servo drive
Midi to DC motor drive with direction switch
Microlab with 32 analog inputs, switch inputs
Conductor with microlab
Pedal with ADXL202
Drilling machine dirve with midi
Distance measurement
Midi Sensor interface with 5 inputs; Microlab first version. Made with the PIC16C83
Sensor design for use with Steim Sensorlab
The glove
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