OSC-Matrix switch board

The OSC-Matrix board can switch 32 x 16 analog switches driven by OpenSoundControl. The board is made with 2 x AD75019 chips, connected in cascade. So by sending a 512 byte word to the board, any switch combination can be made. The chip, and thus also the board, is specially made to switch audio signals. Therefore the board also needs balanced power supply (+12V, -12V and 0V).  matrix pcb 1

The Matrix has two separate AD75019 chips on board, both able to switch 256 analog switches. On the board the two chips are connectec in cascade. This means that the the serial data is connected to the serial in of chip 1. The serial out of chip1 is connected to the serial input of chip2. This means that in order to drive all the 512 switches, a 512 bit word has to be clocked through.  pcb layout

Input: 32 x analog input; (-12,+12V max)
Output: 2 x 16 outputs.
Supply voltage: +12V, -12V, 0V and +5V
Current (min): (to be measured ...)
Dimensions : 95 x 100 [mm]

Board connections:
D (Serial input), S (shiftclock) and P (storage clock