OpensoundControl Interface


The IpsonLab is an interface which is based upon receiving and sending Open Sound Control (OSC). This means that the IpsonLab sends and receives UDP (User Defined Protocol Open Sound Control) packages through your ethernet connection. The IpsonLab works with the (ot)udp-read /write and  objects within Max/Msp. Actually all software based upon communication through OSC,will work with the IpSonLab (e.a. Super Collider). Value is greater/equal to 5. So when there are sensors that tend to give some noise, you can set the threshold to reduce data stream.

  ipson met sensoren

The communication is realised with an onboard webserver. This device, the Xport, can be configured with a web browser or with old fashioned telnet. It is even capable of sending you e-mails when something happens in the setup. Placing installations with sensors on other locations and still be able to control the full proces. Reading sensor information and sending it to multiple computers. The possibilities are endless! 

The IpsonLab is developed and designed at the technical department of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Holland.

ipson conn voorkant

32 x analog inputs (mulitplexed), resolution 10 bits [0-5V / 0-1024]
16 x 12 bit DA conversion. Osc to CV (0-5V or 0-10V)**

2 x 2 bit greycode Rotary Switch connection input (counting up/down)
8 x analog outputs (Pulse With Modulation), resolution 8 bits [0-256 / 0-100%] *

64 x On/Off Relais (Led) drive ** 8 x servomotor drive (pulsewidth change between 1mS-2mS) **
NEW: interfacing 4 Ultrasonic sensors sfr505 and sending osc distance value
3 Programmable control pins (send e-mails on pin-change, SMPT protocol based)

Sending sensor info to multiple computers
Wireless IpSonLab with Wiport. (expensive option)
Takes 9-15V DC, minimum 300mA