ipson64 1

The Ipson64 is an OSC interface with 64 independent inputs. The device is designed around a PCI18f2423 chip, which has a 12bit (0-4096) resolution. The input is realised with 4 x HEF4067 chips. The communication is realised with the Lantronics XPort.



Powersupply : 9V DC
Powersupply Current (idle) : 250mA.
Input: 64 x analog voltage 0V-5V
Output: OpenSoundControl UDP format, based upon RS232, 912600 Baud (Xport input)
Resolution: 12 bit (4096 steps).
Processor PIC18F2423, DIL version.
ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) available.
 Printed Circuit Board size: 139 x 47