IpSon OSC to ControlVoltage

16 x 12 bit voltage ouput


da_board compact_da_board on_top

The OSC to CV board provides 16 channels of control voltage output, with a resolution of 12 bit (4096 steps). The card can be directly connected to the IpSonCompact and IpSonLab. The onboard PIC18F1220 processor takes the RS-232 from the Xport, both used on the IpSonLab and the IpSonCompact, to drive the two DA convertors. The 16 control voltages are generated by two TI TLV5610 DA convertors. Each output of the TLV5610 is buffered by a TLC274 opamp, providing the possibility to also drive 0-10V (external voltage) by setting a jumper. In normal setup the output will vary from 0 - 5V.

The size of this new pcb, as well as the mounting hole layout, are the same as the IpSonCompact.
Thus making it possible to mount the card on top of the IpSonCompact, making it one device.