a compact and fast OSC interface

 compact The compact version of the IpSonLab consists of only one litte printed circuit board (pcb) which is mounted on a alu heatsink.It's developed around a new version of the Microchip PIC chips, the PIC18F4420. In comparison with the IpSonLab, the IpSonCompact has only one processor doing all the work. It has 13 analog inputs (10 bit resolution), 4 digital inputs and 14 outputs (e.a. pwm). The IpSonCompact is also very fast.It will send all values of the analog inputs around 1000 times per second. The sample rate is also adjustable from within Max/Msp. So if no high speed is needed, it can easily be switched.

Like the IpSonLab, the IpSonCompact can also be configured from within Max/Msp. The sample rate can be set, the threshold per input can be set and the outputs can be configured. A sneak preview for the patch can be found down here. The IpSonCompact also has a newer version of the Xport, which has a few improvements: the webinterface is mucht better (more clear to configure) and the host settings are extended; so it easier to send the osc data to more computers which are not in the same subnet.

Of course, like the IpSonLab, the IpSonCompact also comes as a 'building kit'. The manual can be found on this website.

The Ipsoncompact is developed and designed at the technical department of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Holland, in collaboration with Michiel van der Weiden, designer, artist, musician, dj and lecturer Industrial Design Engineering. Many thanks to the Hague University who made it possible to let him work on this project.

Take a look at the photo page, on how to buid your IpSonCompact


13 analog inputs, 10 bit resolution (pic18f4420) or 12 bit (pic18f4523)  range 0-5V (AD conversion)
4 digital inputs (switch input)
3 time measurement inputs for 3 x ultrsonic distance measurement (srf05)

All inputs do have a +5V and Gnd (0V) connection in order to easily connect sensors or actuators. All inputs do have an internal protection diode.
Sample rate is 1kHz (1000 times per second)
Sample rate is adjustable in steps from 1Khz - 0,5 H

In total 14 outputs:
- All 14 outputs can be configured to be Pulse Width Modulation (8 bit) or digital (on/off)
- Also all outputs do have an extra +5V and Gnd connection.
- The IpSonCompact can deliver a maximum of 20mA per output

external: Ethernet 10-100MB TCP/IP,
Internal: 912600 Baudrate rs232 16 bit
Communication protocol: Open Sound Controls (OSC).

9-15V DC, min. 800mA.
Battery power is possible (minimum battery 9V /2000mAh)
Power indication through LED

Dimension IpSonCompact:
PCB: 100 x 54 [mm]