Instrument- and project-examples

with Microlab / IpSonLab technology

If you have instrument- or project-examples which are not displayed down here, but do use microlab- or
IpSonLab technology, please let me know and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I'll publish it here.


 bacteries 2

Sabina Ahn (2017) Sonomatter (see videopage). DifAs interface


 moving speaker 1 moving speaker 3

Rotating speaker.
Designed and build by Robert Pravda (2017)



 a100 difas patched  difas model6 2
Digital Interface for Analogue Signals (DifAs or MatriLex)
Developed and build by Lex van den Broek. For more information click here


bow_1 bow_2
Tiago Morgado, Bow for violin with pressure sensor, switch, Sharp infradred and ADXL303
Build by Lex van den Broek (still under development)

Juan Parra, instrument extensions ;-)
3 x lin transducer, SRF05 Ultrasonic, 5 x FSR pressure sensor

Alice Bodanzky. February 2012. Muscle Wire. Ipson with 60 x PWM



Glove with Hall sensors and faders.
Made by: Marie Guilleray / Lex van den Broek



Project: Wireless PWM driving lots of led's
Made by Joris Strijbos and Daan Johan
Firmware written by: Lex van den Broek


bol_1 bol_2

Project (version1) Juan Parra
Build by: Lex van den Broek
Inside: adxl302, Gyroscope and SRF05



ip_pedal ip_pedal

Project: IP-pedal, Angel Arranz
Build by: Lex van den Broek



Tegendruk /counter Pressure
by: Johan van Kreij



OSC to 96 x servo drive
Made by: Joris Strijbos and Lex vd broek
Project link:


sax_1   sax_2
Electronics on Saxofoon; measuring the valve's
Made by:Lex van den Broek
Project:Prototype version 1, Peter van Bergen


osc_mixer   OSC VFUG
OSC Controlled remote studio
Made by: Lex van den Broek / JoepJan vd Hoeven
Project: Remote VFUG control.



Project: Yamila Rios
Sensors on Cello
Sonology endexam 2010


64_out   with ipsoncompact
64_ouput IpSonCompact
Made by: Lex van den Broek
Project: Casper Schipper and more ...


daan_1   daan_2


Made by: Daan Johan, Joris Strijbos and Eric Parren


Project: OSC trumpet by Kyle Vinton
Made by: Kyle Vinton


compact_jan   jan_mantra
Project: Compact in box
Made by Jan Panis


elctrolab elctrolab elab_3

Project: Electrolab by Dewi de Vree and Rachida Ziani


recplay_1 recplay_2 rec_play_3
RecPlay performance in Zeebelt theater december 2008.


moeder 1 osc klok slave
Project: Martijn Tellinga.
Time Clocks driven by OpenSoundControl (OSC). Every player in an ensemble can have her/his own timing given by the main computer (director). Build by: Martijn Tellinga / Lex vd Broek


generator_online_1 sinwave_genarators
For experimental reasons I hooked up the old Sonology Function generators to the new OSC-CV board. Making it possible to drive the generators throught the web and receiving the realtime streaming audio. I'll make a link (quicktime server) available soon!


gregor_1   gregor_3
New casing for the IpSonCompact.
Made by Gregor van Egdom

Date: august 2008


hugo_gitaar   hugo_gitaar_2
Acoustic guitar with 'moveble' switches and fsr-sensors mounted on the back
Project for : Hogo Morales
Made by : Lex van den Broek
Date: april 2008


laptop_juan exam_juan
Custom made IpSonLab inside old Apple powerbook 2400. 2 Linear Potentiometers (FSR) and 4 x FSR. Distance measuring with 2 x srf05 sensors (ultrasonic)
Made by : Lex van den Broek
Date: february 2007


bea5_ipson_1 ipson_bea5_2
Extended Ipsonlab for the Sonology Analog studio Bea-5. The device has 32 times 12 bit DA convertors. Made by : Lex van den Broek
Date: december 2006


Project: Sound Monsters / Detonator, OSC (IpSonLab) controller.
Build by: Johan van Kreij / Lex van den Broek


Project: Neo
OSC IpSonLab controller
Build by: Giori Politi


Project: Mase (photo: proto type version2, OSC IpSonLab controller) Build by: Stijn den Ridder


tomer_2   tomer_1
Project: IpSonCompact. Build by: Tomer HarariDate: june 2007


Projects by Electronic, Department, Sonology, Den Haag, Holland


Blue Flute. Project : Bas Kalle
More info:


Midirecorder, Project: Cesar Villavicencio
More info:


Faderbox, Microlab, Project: Lex vd Broek  


Instrument: The Sticks. Project: Jan Trutzler. Build by Lex van den Broek more photo's: Project:    Alex Schaub


Project: Muscle, expositie Centre Pompidou Parijs
Made by: Bert Bongers
Project:    Robert Pravda


Project: X,Y,Z touch to Midi, 
Made by: Lex van den Broek
Project: Trombone with electronics, Midi Mute, Hilary Jeffery

Octachord by Robert Pravda

xaf_rel1 xaf_rel2
Project: Xavier van Wersch


Project: PinArt, Jan Peter van der wenden


Project: Marije Baalman, The Strimidilator


Slingerende speakers (midi to servo) Project:   Bart Visser
Made by: Bart Visser


Instrument: Juan Parra Cancino


Project: Interface #2
made by: Dirk Eijsbouts
Wireless Microlab version


Project: TFT Tennis
Made by: Dirk Eijsbouts


Instrument: Gilad Woltovitsch


Project: Mateusz Herczka


Project: Henrik van Ketwick.


Project: Bart Koppe


Project: Odin Heyligen; Bat Radar


Project:Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec


daan1 daan2

Project: Daan Brinkmann


Project: Maike Lond.