Microchip Assembly Code (*.asm)
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For many years I already program Microchip microntrollers for all kind of applications. I program the microcontroller chips with microchip-assembly. This is a very low level programming language. So the ipsoncompact, the ipsonlab and all other Ipson devices are running on this software (or firmware). In this section I try to explain how you can program your own chip or microntroller, if you have the right gear and software (code) examples.

Be aware:
If you do not have any experience with programming at all, programming assembly (writing your own code) is not the easiest way to start. It is a very low level way of programming. Actually you are almost busy with programming every bit seperately. This can be very frustrating, but when it all works it's a VERY powerful way of creating dynamic electronics. Startout with clicking around on the website of Microchip. There is a load of information that can help you move forward. Or drop by our Electronic workshop, and I will guide you through the first steps.

As of now (28-201-2013) I published the follwing code. There's  more to come!

- Standard frame (asm code) for use with PIC18F2423, PIC18F1220, PIC18F4523 (initialisation of the chips, code setup)
- Asm code for basic AD conversion to RS-232 (OSC format). 10 inputs on one chip. See 'Boss volume pedal'
- Asm code for driving 8 x 74HC595 chips, to create 64 independant digital outputs. See OSC-64 outputs