Technology for ART and EDUCATION

This site will present Electronic OSC / MIDI devices designed and built at the Electronics WorkShop at the Royal Conservatory the Institute of Sonology, The Hague Holland. 

You will find information for building the Ipsoncompact, Ipson cvboard, Ipsonlab, or Microlab. Max Patches, Super Collider patches, pdf-manuals can be download here. How to connect sensors to an interface the best possible way. How to drive dc-engines and other actuators, without blowing up your interface. You will find much more helpful information on this website.

Take a look at the 'instrument examples-page' and checkout what kind of projects already have been realized at the Royal Conservatory (Sonology, ArtScience, Composition, ArtofSound). Or take a look at some video examples. If you do have some pictures of instruments or project examples where Microlab- and or Ipson technology has been used, please send me the pictures and the link; I will publish it on this website.

There's also a part of the website that will show my (re)search for new hybride electronics to be used in analogue studio environment. Take a look at the remote studio setup.

I hope you will find what you are looking for.
Best regards,
Lex van den Broek
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Technology for ART and EDUCATION